Reseller Opportunities

There are two alternatives for Re-Sellers: businesses re-selling the ACHWorks suite of front-end applications; or businesses that integrate ACHWorks ACH processing into their own software and/or services. Reselling ACHWorks ACH products and services allows you to increase your revenue from residual payments for ACH transactions while using our cutting edge technologies to leverage your sales efforts. Tiered pricing ensures your organization a competitive position in the ACH marketplace.

Re-sellers that opt to sell ACHWorks' front-end suite of ACH products typically do so to complement their own product line. Examples include merchant services companies, industry specific software companies, and franchise companies that include ACHWorks ACH products for managing their customer accounts receivable, or collections functions.

Businesses can integrate ACHWorks' ACH service into their own applications to leverage the ACHWorks ACH technology. The SOAP system allows your development staff to easily integrate ACH processing into your software for existing customers. Functions such as payment tracking, reporting, and bank account reconciliation are all supported through the ACHWorks SOAP Integration . Companies that become Resellers may choose to be listed on the ACHWorks Partners' page.