ACHFileChex saves money and labor by checking for ACH file errors before sending through the NACHA Clearinghouse. One ACH file error can cause an entire ACH batch to be rejected. This ACHWorks product saves bank staff and time in reviewing ACH batch files for errors, whether an ACH file generated by the bank, its merchants or a third party processor.


  • A program that validates an ACH File
  • Checks accuracy and provides detailed analysis of ACH files
  • Provides easy to read content of any ACH file
  • Analyzes ACH return files
  • Provides error correction in computing hashes and trailer records
  • An excellent tool for both developers and end users

ACHFileChex will scan ACH files for format errors. When you check your ACH files before sending to your ACH gateway, you minimize file or transaction rejections. This process saves you time in case there are errors in your ACH files. ACH processors will also benefit from this software because files received have been pre-scanned for errors. This software also creates a summary log, which can be sent separately to ACH processors-- as a security confirmation for the files that were sent.

Software Features


A. Confirms the validity of the ACH File 
B. Creates File Header Information as follows: 

File Source : C:\sc\ ; AchTest1.FED; FileSize = 6720.
Destination : 121000374 FRB IN ANY US CITY.
Origin : 122043482 NATIONAL BANK ANYWHERE.
File Creation Date : 030818; [Friday, Mar 21, 2003]; Time: [14:21 H].
Reference Code : 68043490; File ID Modifier: B. 

C. Creates easy to read transaction data as follows: 

Transaction Type, Amount, Account Type, Account Name, Trace Number
Credit $100.00 121201694 15371212121212 CK NAME OF ACCOUNT HOLDER [0015113] 

D. Creates easy to read batch headers which shows: 

ODFI Source, Batch No., Service Code, (Text written in Bank Statement of AccountHolder)
[ODFI=12204348]; Batch No=0004447 PPD (MYCOMPANY DD CREDIT)

E. When errors on file format occurs, ACHFileChex supplies possible correction data